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Added-value for your property sale:

We manage your real estate sale fully professional and with no charge & no risk !!! Decide to sell your house, apartment or land with the support of CityImmobilien Frankfurt – your property deserves it.

In times of high demand of living spaces an empty property equals an unused opportunity. We advice you on the timing of selling your property, value-increasing upgrades and the selling price according to the current housing market. And sellers end up with a successful sale not in spite of a realtor but because of a professional full-service selling concept.

90% of all property sellers hope to have a higher output without consulting and hiring a realtor for free. Truth is that most properties are sold with support of a realtor – and there are good reasons why.



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    Permission according to § 34c GewO by the Stadtverwaltung (Amt 32) der Magistrat, Ordnungsamt, 60326 Frankfurt, Kleyerstraße 86

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