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As owner and founder of CityImmobilien Frankfurt, I want to provide clients the full-service that I, myself, was looking for as a private customer from other realtors in the past.

Since December 2020 buyers and owners (sellers) share the agent´s commission in case of apartments or 1-family-houses. Or the buyer decides to go for a commission-free marketing strategy. In that case the seller covers the hole commission, which is negotiable between realtor agency and seller.

For all other properties it is a question of agreement. This differs from some other German states where the buyer and seller usually equally split the cost of the fee for all types of estates and properties. This occurs, for example, in the Mainz-Bingen district, which is in the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate (in German: “Rheinland-Pfalz”), where CityImmobilien Frankfurt also provides services.

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In situations where the realtor is hired by the seller, the buyer often does not feel like he would benefit from the realtor’s services as well, and this is an area CityImmobilien is looking for change. As a realtor myself, I am primarily dependent on sellers´ mandates as part of our main business. Since the regulations of the „Bestellerprinzip“ (in English: he who hires, pays the realtor) became effective in 2015 (for private rentals only), the national renting market deteriorated as a good source of business for all realtors. The seller´s wishes and needs are, of course, essential for a realtor´s job. When it comes to a real estate investment, which most of us experience only a few times in our lifetimes, it should also be the buyer that benefits from professional expertise. In this situation, seller and buyer both will benefit and can have piece of mind when it comes to the final appointment for signature at the notary´s office. That goal is my drive in this business as your realtor. Therefore, in addition to the usual real estate services, I provide extra services like pick-up service for viewing properties, childcare during appointments to view a property, and, with our Xpatriate360® Xpacks, further relocation services to help clients from out of town to integrate and feel at home.

Contrary to traditional norms, I am offering my clients to be on first-name terms (in German: “du”). To me, that is part of my understanding of a personal, but still professional, customer relationship at eye level.
Buyers should not feel like passive parties in the quest to purchase property, but instead as partners in a common successful key-experience. CityImmobilien Frankfurt looks forward to joining you and supporting you – as buyer, seller or renter – with your personal “key”-experience. To have others benefit from our success as well, we donate 10% of our brokerage to the SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt, a family and children center in Frankfurt-Sossenheim, our home district.

Best regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Heckner


Brokerage / fee overview:

The brokerage is a matter of negotiation for properties for sale. You will find our terms and conditions very transparent in the brokerage agreement. In Germany, this fee can be tax deductible under certain conditions (e.g. for landlords or for sellers and renters in case of a job-related move).

Please consult a professional tax accountant in your individual case! Tax statements are not guaranteed!


General brokerage overview:


Rate Buyer Seller
Hessen 5,95% share 0-50% share 0-100%
Rheinland-Pfalz 5,95%2 share 0-50% share 50-100%



Rate Buyer Seller
Hessen max. 2 month’s rent 3 Bestellerprinzip
Rheinland-Pfalz max. 2 month’s rent 3 Bestellerprinzip
1 = individuals (private)             2 = region of Mainz-Bingen)             3 = excl. VAT.

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Permission according to § 34c GewO by the Stadtverwaltung (Amt 32) der Magistrat, Ordnungsamt, 60326 Frankfurt, Kleyerstraße 86

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